Websites Optimized for Social Media Marketing

Websites Optimized for Social Media Marketing

by | Dec 16, 2020

Websites Optimised for Social Media Marketing 

Consumers are increasingly using their smartphones, tablets, and mobile devices to research products. compare buying decisions, & make informed buying decisions. checkout beset Social Media Marketing.

A significant amount of this is carried out on social media.  

 The largest social media platform in the world is Facebook with over 2 billion active users as of 2019.

Business owners began to realize the potential of Facebook, Instagram and create pages with the hopes they’ll get in front of their target audience. 

This worked great until 2016, when Facebook changed its algorithm. Organic reach plummeted and many owners didn’t know what to do. Business pages may now only reach 1% to 3% of their followers.

They simply are not aware of Facebook’s aim in driving enterprises towards their paid advertising platform. 

Webstudio.ie social media marketing services specialize in understanding these procedures and algorithms saving businesses more time and achieving high-performing results. 

We help Restaurants, Cafes, Retail Stores, Hairdressers, Therapists, Gyms, Training Course Providers, and Opticians to excel in Facebook and Instagram Marketing. 

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