Best Web Designer in Ireland

Best Web Designer in Ireland For Taking Your Offline Shop Online

by | Dec 16, 2020

Best Web Designer in Ireland

There’s no denying that the current global pandemic has affected every aspect of our lives and businesses – and nowhere more so than when it comes to the habits of retailers.

Overnight, physical shop locations had to close and those businesses determined to survive have had to adapt. This isn’t always a bad thing. Adapting your business to E-commerce gives you a potentially global reach.

It means very few overheads, and the opportunity to focus on a specialism that may not have found a wide audience locally.

Even though lockdown conditions are beginning to ease, there is still widespread uncertainty in the bricks-and-mortar commerce landscape that won’t be shifting any time soon.

which is why many of Ireland’s small retailers are looking to diversify operations and strengthen their e-commerce efforts. There’s never been a better time than now – but where do you begin?

Define Your Offer

Taking your operations onto a wider stage by setting up an eCommerce platform means potentially reaching a much wider audience.

but that also means that it’s imperative to define the audience that you want to target and be very clear on what your offer is.

Develop your brand values and be precise about what problem you solve with your products or service.

This approach will help you to create those unique selling points, which can help you stand out on a wider stage and that will form the basis for your advertising strategy.

Create Your E-Commerce Strategy

Once you have your brand approach sorted, you’ll need a killer website to be the hub of your e-commerce operations. User experience is everything, so focus on working with a professional web designer in Ireland to create a platform that delivers, smooth navigation, excellent content, and fully optimized and accessible text and images.

Consider the CMS system that you will use as the backend of your website – something like WordPress will allow you to keep your site easily updated.

Meanwhile, a system like Shopify makes taking your offline business online easy with hundreds of scalable solutions that let you sell directly across multiple marketplaces and in your social media channels, while also providing a way to manage your inventory easily.

Start a Buzz Online

When you have a great offer and an appealing platform, it’s time to start spreading the word with some inbound marketing designed to draw people to your online shop.

Conduct some social listening to find out what the potential customers you want to target are concerned about and create a social media calendar with some pipeline posts that are topical and relevant.

There are some great pointers for social media marketing out there that can help you to get started.

Engaging in dialogue with people online allows you to build relationships that will turn casual browsers into brand advocates and allow your shop to stand out and build a following.

Taking your offline shop online is the way forward – for reaching a wider audience, for insulating your business from the worst of the economic uncertainty through reducing overheads and widening your reach.

Get the basics right and the sky really is the limit for your business.

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